Privacy Policy

User Data

Lunar does not collect, store or sell any user identifiable data.

I don't care who you are.

Behavioral Data

Lunar does not collect, store or sell any behavioral data.

I don't care how you use the app as long as it works for you.

Monitor Data

Lunar collects anonymous monitor data, and makes it available for free at The Monitor Database.

The data contains mostly generic information about monitors, with some Lunar specific data that could aid users in purchasing a monitor (e.g. if it supports DDC, if it is recognized as HiDPI by macOS etc.).

The database does not contain:

Error Reporting

Lunar uses Sentry for collecting crash data.

The data may contain:

Paddle email consent

The data is only used for fixing Lunar errors.

The data is deleted weekly and it is not sent anywhere else.


Lunar uses Paddle for checkout and licensing.

Please check their privacy policy for data they collect: Paddle Privacy Policy

Lunar doesn't handle any payment info.

Server connections

Lunar may send requests to the following URLs: